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PPC Accelerator 1.1

PPC Accelerator 1.1: PPC Management Software Tool. Source, Edit, Format and Manage your Keyword Lists New And Unique PPC Management Software Tool. Source, Edit, Format and Manage your Keyword Lists in One Place Fast And Easy. Saving time which can be utilized to build more targeted keyword lists for more campaigns to bring in more profits. Also includes one click Adwords formatting. Put 10-15 targeted keyword list together in the time it used to take to create 1. Developed after 3yrs of experience of Adwords. Get a Free Advanced Adwords Guide.

Niche Detector 2007.9: Brainstorming, Keywords and Niche Analyzing software
Niche Detector 2007.9

keywords, spider specific websites and harvest keywords form meta, title, header or any other tags. But that is not all! You can generate misspellings, shuffle keywords to find all the possible combinations, wrap them for adwords, edit 1000s of keywords at a time, apply complex filters and more. And if you finish up with a "giant" keywords list, no problem! Niche Detector can easily split for you a huge keywords list in smaller "niche keyword files

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Keyword Elite 1.30

list of what the software can do for you: - Easily generate keyword lists of over 10,000 keywords in a few short minutes - Allows you to find extremely profitable, high paying Adsense keywords - Analyzes your PPC competition to find exactly which keywords are making them the most money, as well as which ones are losing them money - Get a quick glance at how competitive a market is in terms of organic search engine listings, as well as PPC listings

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Top Paying Keywords (by category) 3.3: instead of earning $.01 cent per click, you could earn as much as $10 or more
Top Paying Keywords (by category) 3.3

keywords, you can do this easily. You can take hours of your time and search through mounds of keywords not suited to what you want or offer you any income potential. You need a top paying keyword list that not only brings you the most money per click but one that is compiled to be easy to use. Top paying keywords offer you a list with categories to make it easier for you to find only the ones that will benefit you. Each category list is created

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TheDowser Professional 5.3.0

keyword research tools or visit different websites for your keyword research. EVERYTHING you need to research keywords and manage your keyword lists and sub-lists is provided within one application - TheDowser Keyword Research and Management Software. It allows you to: - Uncover valuable keyword phrases for your pay-per-click campaigns - Perform 1-Click research to obtain high performing keywords for your website or niche - Manage your keyword lists

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rss software 1.3: keyword research tool, can help you build profitable keyword list instantly
rss software 1.3

Keyword Research Software Can Help Build You A Huge Profitable Keyword List Instantly. Analyze the demand and supply of any niche market and saves you time quired for the necessary research. Uncover hidden niche markets with a push of a button. Extract the no. of daily searches for any keyword in the search engines. Display number of competing pages for any keyword in Google, Yahoo & MSN search engines. Churns out a huge list of profitable keywords

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Keyword Analyzer 1.0

Keyword Analyzer builds keyword lists and analyzes competition in niches. It will tell you how many times a keyword has been searched for, how as well as the number of competing websites in Google, Yahoo and MSN. It is very simple to use and is an excellent tool for researching new niches, as it gives you an at-a-glance view of the amount of demand and competition for each keyword phrase.

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